Vin- og brennevinleverandørenes forening

The Association of Norwegian Wine and Spirits Suppliers

The Association of Norwegian Wine and Spirits Suppliers ā€“ in Norwegian: Vin- og brennevinleverandørenes forening (VBF), was founded in 1905. Our members account for some 75 - 80% of the wines and spirits sold in our market. Norway is a mature alcohol market with high consumer interest for new drinking trends and premium products.

The Norwegian alcohol market is object for comprehensive regulations on alcoholic beverages. Following the Norwegian Alcohol Act, spirits, wine and beer above 4,7 % alc. can be sold only at the state owned retail monopoly´s (Vinmonopolet) own chain of shops and to licensed hotels, bars and restaurants.

The turnover of alcohol in Norway is not regulated by Norwegian legislation alone. Norway is associated to the EU through membership in the EEA, (European Economic Area Agreement). Therefore the sales and marketing of alcohol in Norway is largely governed by the same rules that apply for full EU members.

VBF work for a rational and reasonable set of framework conditions for the sales of wines and spirits in the Norwegian market. As such, we represent the entire trade within Norway, but equally important we work for the interests of all wine and spirits suppliers to Norway.

The Association is also continually working with issues related to ethics and responsibility. Following this, all our members are bound by our comprehensive Ethical Codex. This is why you can expect the highest ethical standards when doing business with our member companies in Norway.

Here you will find more about prohibition of alcohol advertising in Norway (.pdf)

About VBF, (.PDF)



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